Resep Cheesecake Milk Coffee

Hi guys, I'm Yuda Bustara.

Breakfasting is more enjoyable with fresh and sweet dish.

So, in this time I'm gonna make Cheese Cake Milk Coffee that made by ABC EXO Milk Coffee.

Coffee blended with milk from New Zealand.

Let's make it.

The Ingredients are: 4 tbsp melted butter.

50 gr condensed milk 1 tbsp jelly powder.

1/4 tbsp salt.

250 gr cream cheese.

250 gr chocolate biscuits.

125 gr liquid cream.

1 bottle ABC EXO Milk Coffee.

First, we mix 1 bottle ABC EXO with jelly powder.

Do you wanna why we use ABC EXO Milk Coffee? Because the creamy texture from New Zealand Milk.

add jelly powder.

Stir until dissolved.

turn off the stove, then set aside.

For crust, we gonna mix chocolate biscuit with melted butter and salt.

Blend until it dissolved.

if it looks like sand, now we just put into baking tray.

After we put in, press it, make sure it spread evenly.

and then set aside.

Now, just blend the rest of the ingredients.

put in 1 pax of cream cheese.

add 125 gr liquid cream.

put in 50 gr condensed milk.

last, put in admixture ABC EXO & Jelly.

blend until it mix well.

If it has smooth texture like this, put onto crust After we put in the admixture, give it taps to vanish the bubble.

and then we put into freezer 3-4 hours.

Ok, it has already set.

Now put off the baking tray and serve.

This is it, Cheese Cake Milk Coffee has already done.

For another Ramadan Extraordinary Recipes, check on Kopi Mantap ABC youtube.

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